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    Baba Ghanouj   6.95

    Eggplant mashed and blended with tahini sauce

    Foul   6.95

    Broiled fava beans mixed with garlic, lemon & olive oil

    Labneh   6.95

    Strained low-fat yogurt mixed with garlic & mint

    Mozzarella Sticks    6.95


    Hommous   MED   6.95     LRG  8.95


    Hommous w/ Sautéed Nuts   9.95


    Homemade Whipped Garlic   6.95

    Fresh whole garlic blended with lemon & oil.

    (A wholesome way to a lower blood pressure)

    Spinach Pies     3 Pcs   4.95

    Meat Pies           3 Pcs  4.95

    Hommous with Vegetables   10.95

    A grade mix of fresh vegetables with our hommous dip

    Lamb & Eggs   9.95

    Cooked with green pepper, onions & tomatoes


    Lebanese Salad   5.95

    Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, & house dressing

    Yogurt Salad   6.95

    Yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic & mint

    Greek Salad   MED   6.95     LRG  8.95

    Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepperoni, onions, feta cheese, olives, beets & Greek dressing

    Tabboule Salad   MED   6.95     LRG  7.95

    Fresh chopped parsley, tomatoes, green onion, mixed with cracked wheat, dressedi with lemon & olive oil

    Fattoush Salad   MED   5.95     LRG  6.95

    Mixed with toasted bread, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, “sumac”, parsley & house dressing

    Almond Rice Salad   10.95


    Topped with chicken   12.95


    Crushed Lentils

    Chicken Lemon Rice

    CUP   2.95       BOWL  3.50       QUART  7.95



    Chicken Strips   6.95

    3 Strips served with French fries

    *Hamburger   6.95

    Served with French fries

    *Kafta Stick    7.95

    Served with rice

    Tawook Stick    7.95

    Served with rice


    Your Choice of Any of the Followings:

    Carrot, Apple, Mango, Orange, Lemonade or Jallab

    Smoothie            3.95

    Available in Quarts            9.95


    Soda   1.95          Iced Tea   1.95

                                                                                 Milk   1.95          Yogurt   1.95


    Coffee or Hot Tea   1.95


    Arabic Coffee    CUP  2.5     POT 4.50


    Cream Caramel  2.95           Baklava  2.50

    Rice Pudding  2.95


    *Beef Shawarma     3.50

    Marinated layers of beef and lamb rolled in pita bread then toasted

    *Shish Kabob     4.50

    Lean cubes of beef or lamb tenderloin rolled in pita bread then toasted

    *Shish Kafta     3.50

    Quality lamb ground with onions & parsley

    *Sujuk     3.95

    Sautéed spicy ground lamb & beef

    Chicken Shawarma      3.50

    Marinated chicken rolled in pita bread then toasted

    *Chicken Kafta     3.50

    Seasoned ground chicken w/ parsley, rolled in pita bread

    Shish Tawook     3.95

    Marinated chicken breast broiled, rolled in pita bread

    Chicken Cream Chop     4.50

    Lettuce, tomatoes & ranch dressing

    *Cheeseburger     7.95

    Ground lamb, topped with cheese and served with fries


    Falafel     3.50 

    Ground chick peas & fava beans, mixed with

    vegetables and topped with tahini sauce

    Super Falafel     4.50

    With hommous and tabboule

    Hommous & Tabboule     3.50

    Mashed chick peas mixed with tabboule salad

    Baba Ghanouj & Tabboule     3.50

    Mashed eggplant rolled with tabboule

    Mjadara     3.50

    Cooked lentil rice rolled with tomatoes & onions

    Veggie Grape Leaves    3.95

    Veggie grape leaves rolled in pita bread  


    Falafel     4 Pc   4.95     8 Pc   8.95

    Served w/ tahini sauce & vegetables

    Green Beans     9.95

    Green beans cooked with onions, garlic & tomatoes

    Mjadara     9.95

    Lentil and rice topped with crispy onions & spices

    Vegetable Grape Leaves     9.95

    Grape leaves rolled and stuffed with seasoned rice, onions, tomatoes steamed & served with yogurt



    Served w/ Rice or French Fries & Soup or Salad or Fattoush


    *Shish Kabob   14.95

    Charbroiled beef or lamb tenderloin marinated in our special recipe

    *Shish Kafta   12.95

    Charbroiled ground lamb mixed with parsley, onions & seasoning

    Shish Tawook   13.95

    Charbroiled chicken breast marinated in our special recipe

    *Mixed Plate   17.95

    Charbroiled shish kabob, shish kafta & shish tawook, seasoned

    Shawarma   12.95

    Lean beef meat marinated, served with special sauce

    Chicken Shawarma   12.95

    Chicken breast marinated, served with special sauce

    *Chicken Kafta   13.95

    Seasonned ground chicken mixed w/parsley

    *Mix Shawarma   13.95

    Beef & chicken, slowly cooked on rotisserie,

    served with special sauce

    *Arayes    12.95

    Ground lamb with pine nuts spread on

    pita bread and charbroiled, served with yougurt

    *Baked Lamb Shank   12.95

    Served over rice & vegetables.

    Cream Chop   13.95

    Breaded chicken marinated in our special recipe

    Deboned Chicken

    HALF  12.95      WHOLE  16.95

    Marinated and charbroiled

    *Andalus Plate   20.95

    Shish kabob, shish kafta, tawook, shawarma, fried kibbe, falafel & grape leaves

    *Hommous Topped with Meat   13.95

    Chicken Tenders with Fries (5 Pc)  10.95

    Ghallaba   13.95

    Sautéed chicken or beef with assorted vegetables & seasoned wthhouse spices

    *COMBO for 2   29.95

    Beef & chicken shawarma, 2 shish kafta, 2 tawook, & falafel

    *COMBO for  4   44.95 

    Beef shawarma, 2 kabob, 2 shish kafta, 2 tawook,

    cream chops

    *Family Banquet    79.95   (Serves up to 8)

    3 Kabob, 4 tawook, 4 shish kafta, cream chops, shawarma


    Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM  to  2:00 PM

    Lunch Combo Special  9.95

    Your Choice of Rice or French Fries. Served with Soup or Salad

    1.  *Beef Sahawarma & Tawook

    2.  *Chcicken Sahawarma & Kafta

    3.  Ghallaba - *Beef or Chicken

    4.  Cream Chop - Breaded Chicken


    Sandwiches  7.95

    Served with Rice or Fries & Soup or Salad

    5. *Beef Shawarma

    6.  Chicken Shawarma

    7. Shish Kafta            8.  Shish Tawook

    9.  Chicken Cream Chop


    Vegetarian  8.95

    Served with Soup or Salad

    10.  Falafel & Hommous

     11. Mjadara            12.  Grape Leaves

    13.  Green Beans (Served with rice)


    Vegetarian Sandwiches  7.50

    Served with Rice or Fries & Soup or Salad

    14.  Tabboule & Hommous             15. Falafel


    Served with Rice or French Fries & Soup or Salad

    Quails   14.95 

    Marinated  charbroiled , sautéed w/ a special herb dressing

    *Lamb Chops   3Pc 18.95       4 Pc  21.95

    3 or 4 Pieces of loin chops, charbroiled, served w/ rice or French fries

    *New York Strips   14.95

    12 oz. Choice lean & juicy, charbroiled & garnished w/ onions,

    served with potatoes

    Chef’s Special   14.95

    Sautéed chicken breast with garlic, potatoes, onions & tomatoes


    *Raw Kibbee   12.95

    Ground beef or lamb, mixed with cracked wheat & spices

    *Fried Kibbee   10.95

    Filled w/ ground lamb, pine nuts, onions & spices,

    served w/ yogurt

    *Grape Leaves   10.95

    Stuffed with ground lamb & rice, served with yogurt

    Rolled Cabbage   9.95

    Stuffed seasoned ground meat, rice & garlic, served w/ yogurt


    Served with Soup or Salad & Rice or Fries


    White Fish Fillet   14.95 

    Broiled with lemon. seasoning, curry & butter sauce

    Jumbo Shrimp    14.95

    Fried golden brown, served with cocktail sauce

    Shrimp Ghallaba    15.95

    Sautéed with assorted vegetables, seasoned with herbs & spices

    Salmon Fillet    15.95

    Fresh charbroiled with seasonings

    Salmon Ghallaba    16.95

    Fresh salmon sliced sautéed with assorted vegetables, natural herbs & spices

*May be cooked to order. NOTICE: Consuming raw  or  under- cooked meats, poultry,  seafood,  shelfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.


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